Meet the Teachers

Miss Maria

Miss Maria has always wanted to be a teacher, and began working with children from the age of ten. With her degrees in Psychology and Bachelor of Education, Maria has been able to teach students from preschool to grade 2. Miss Maria majored in Early Childhood Education, and has a passion for play based learning. She believes that the role of a teacher is to draw on the strengths of all their students and to create an environment that allows students to explore, problem solve, use their creativity and innovation, and develop practical life skills. Miss Maria is excited to bring her energy and enthusiasm into the classroom, and be part of the Willow Park Preschool Family.

Miss Alice

Miss Alice
Miss Alice always wanted to be a teacher. At 17 she went to University in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) to obtain her diploma in Early Childhood Development. She graduated in 2004 and started teaching preschool.After moving to Canada, Miss Alice obtained her child development certification to be able to work in her field once again. She has worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for 2 years in a Calgary Montessori preschool before joining the Willow Park Preschool Family in 2019.As an experienced dance teacher, she is passionate about incorporating dance activities, yoga as well various art projects and other fun activities that she believes all children should experience.

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