About Us

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Meet the Teachers

Willow Park Preschool is a parent run cooperative preschool.

Located in Calgary’s SE communities of Willow Park and Mapleridge. We offer morning and afternoon classes for children ages 3 to 5. We are a nonprofit preschool that believes children learn best through play. We have been providing quality and affordable preschool programming since 1981. Our ideal location allows for gym and playground access as well as lots of outdoor space, with an outdoor rink we use to skate on in the winter and use as an outdoor gym in the summer. At Willow Park Preschool, we work on developing and enhancing socialization skills such as listening, decision-making, problem solving, healthy communication, taking turns, empathy, sharing, respect, and self-control, as well as fostering curiosity, independence, self-esteem, imagination, hand-eye coordination, language and cognitive skills as well as an introduction to physical education. 

Have a Say in Your Child’s Education!

Willow Park Preschool is a Parent Co-Operative. This means that the school is operated by the parents of the students that attend. As voting members of our non-profit society, all parents are encouraged to attend parent meetings where we discuss news, issues and may vote on various decisions. All parents are required to volunteer for one of the many roles that keep the preschool fun and operating smoothly. These roles can be anything from President or Treasurer of the board to Party Planner, Play-Doh maker or Supplies Shopper. For the most current list of volunteer roles, please contact the school. In addition to your volunteer role, all parents are required to take part in cleaning nights where several parents get together and do a deep clean of the preschool. This is an important part of keeping the preschool a safe and healthy environment for our children.  

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