Test Blog for Photos and Descriptions

This is a test blog to see if there are easy and simple ways to add pictures with as little or as much text as needed!

Caption goes here. I don’t think I can make them bigger….You can choose from rounded and square. Cool! lol
Caption for the photo can go here. Or we can do writing in between to describe them.
Captions on the pictures go here. They can be different (bolded) fonts too it looks like.

There can be any number of these writing “blocks”. I don’t think I need to check too deeply into another arrangement as I think this is what we are probably looking for?

I will try to find a more efficient way though as it appears I need to download the files from google drive and then upload them from my computer. I feel like I should be able to download an app or something that makes google drive a “location” on my computer and I can just select to upload from there, without all the extra work!

So, given that this is the scrolling arrangement – I would say that we wouldn’t want like 30 pictures in a post. But I’m happy to copy and paste whatever writing you want in between pictures and/or captions to the photos.

Welcome to the New Blog

Welcome Parents of our 2021/2022 school year! We are super excited to be offering this new service to the parents as a means to improve and increase engagement and communication with you all. During these challenging policy and health-conscious times, our ability to directly interact with you and invite you into the classroom is very limited, but we very much wanted to be able to give you a little glimpse into your child’s experience with us.

This new blog is a way that our teachers can offer more engaging updates from the classroom including pictures and stories directly to you, without filling up your inbox!

Privacy notes:

  • Our current approvals and registration forms prohibit any publishing of your children’s images on an internet medium (including email) without obscuring their adorable faces.
  • With the creation of a password protected medium, your children’s privacy will be respected and only shared with those who have the current password (i.e. only those with an active child in the classroom).
  • The passwords for each class will be updated and changed as necessary to help increase the protection of privacy and ensure only active students and parents have access.
  • Our registration forms will be updated to include a waiver for whether you are comfortable having your child’s image published on this protected site ONLY, and will not include any extended permission to public mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, or the like.
  • You may retract the permission of using your child’s image at any point, at which time no further unfiltered pictures will be shared.

Thank you for your engagement and wanting to stay up-to-date with your child’s learning and play journey with us here at Willow Park Preschool. We are so happy to have you here and we look forward to making many special memories together!