Test Blog for Photos and Descriptions

This is a test blog to see if there are easy and simple ways to add pictures with as little or as much text as needed!

Caption goes here. I don’t think I can make them bigger….You can choose from rounded and square. Cool! lol
Caption for the photo can go here. Or we can do writing in between to describe them.
Captions on the pictures go here. They can be different (bolded) fonts too it looks like.

There can be any number of these writing “blocks”. I don’t think I need to check too deeply into another arrangement as I think this is what we are probably looking for?

I will try to find a more efficient way though as it appears I need to download the files from google drive and then upload them from my computer. I feel like I should be able to download an app or something that makes google drive a “location” on my computer and I can just select to upload from there, without all the extra work!

So, given that this is the scrolling arrangement – I would say that we wouldn’t want like 30 pictures in a post. But I’m happy to copy and paste whatever writing you want in between pictures and/or captions to the photos.

Published by WillowParkPreschool

A parent run co-operative preschool located in the neighbourhood community centre of Willow Park and Maple Ridge. in Calgary, Alberta.

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