Parent Preschool Positions 

All parents are required to sign up for one of the many duties that help the preschool run smoothly. To sign up for a role please indicate your choice on the preschool registration form. If you do not sign up for a position the parent board will assign one to you at the first parent meeting. Below is a list of the different positions and their responsibilities. 



  • Chair board and parent meetings 
  • Liaise with teachers regarding classroom needs 
  • Liaise with licensing regarding requirements 
  • Supervise teachers as per licensing requirements 
  • Answer school emails 
  • Oversee operation of preschool 
  • Sign cheques 
  • Coordinate substitute teachers if necessary 
  • Liaise with parents as necessary 

Vice President (child in the 3 year old program) 

  • Will become President in the next school year. 
  • Chair board and parent meetings that the President cannot attend 
  • Coordinate enrollment for the year in which you will be president. 
  • Liaise with teachers regarding classroom needs 
  • Supervise teachers as per licensing requirements 
  • Oversee operation of preschool 
  • Have signing authority 
  • Liaise with parents as necessary 


  • Attend all parent and board meetings 
  • Collect and deposit monthly tuition fees 
  • Submit Subsidy claims 
  • Maintain the bank account (ie: checking for NSF cheques) 
  • Contact parents for late payments 
  • Collect receipts from the teachers/Shoppers/Board members/approved activities and write reimbursement cheques 
  • Liaise with the bookkeeper/accountant to give monthly receipts etc. for bookkeeping purposes 
  • Liaise with accountant for year-end statements 
  • Perform initial year-end review of financial statements 
  • Calculate and deliver payroll 


  • Attend all Parent and Board meetings and take accurate, detailed minutes, regarding the meetings’ events. 
  • Send out notices of meetings times, book rooms. 
  • Assist in the registration process. 
  • Maintain preschool contact list 
  • Edit minutes as needed and send to the President in a timely manner, for distribution to necessary parties 
  • Assist President/Vice President with clerical duties (ie: scanning forms, photocopying as needed, etc.) 
  • Contact new families to answer questions and give information regarding starting in the program. 

Social Media Coordinator 

  • Attend board and parent meetings. 
  • Liaise with teachers to review advertising and printing needs. 
  • Design advertising for the preschool i.e. open house posters.
  • Submit monthly write-ups to local community newsletters based on the teacher’s descriptions of what is to be occurring in class. 
  • Arrange advertisements as necessary within the preschool budget.
  • Review preschool material for updates. 
  • Add monthly calendars to the website.
  • Maintain and update the website as needed.

Scholastic Book Coordinator 

  • Attend board and parent meetings 
  • Coordinate Scholastic Book sales. 
  • Distribute order forms in mailboxes, collect orders and place orders. 
  • Distribute books to teachers to hand out to students. 

Fundraising Coordinators 

  • Attend board and parent meetings 
  • Work as a team to coordinate the school’s annual fundraiser. 
  • Research and present fundraising choices by September or November‘s parent meeting. 
  • Run fundraiser. 


Class Representative 

  • Act as a liaison between parents in your class, the board members and teachers. 
  • Coordinate parent helpers for your class; for example ensure each day has a helper and that each parent has volunteered once per cycle. 
  • Encourage parents to fill in evaluation forms, attend events etc. 
  • Help parents find a substitute if they cannot attend their helper day

Classroom Cleaners 

  • Clean the preschool in pairs once every 6 weeks. Each volunteer will be responsible for one cleaning session. 
  • All cleaners will be responsible to attend the final clean up in June as well as assist in toy cleaning.

Craft Preparation 

  • Prepare crafts as per teacher’s request.
  • Coordinate reminders to parents to bring in requested items. 

Field Trip Coordinators 

  • Work with teachers to explore potential field trip ideas. 
  • Work with teachers to book field trips. 
  • Post bright, eye catching posters/signup sheets at school informing parents of upcoming field trips. 


  • Launder items for preschool upon request of teachers. 

Snack Day Substitute 

  • Substitute for other parents when they cannot provide the healthy snack (this position requires a parent who is always available on short notice) 

Party Planners 

  • Assist teachers in planning and coordinating various parties throughout the year. 
  • Organize volunteers as needed. 
  • Help with set up and take down.

Play Dough Makers 

  • Make play dough as per recipe upon teacher’s request. 
  • Play dough recipe is available online


  • Complete repairs as necessary and/or arrange for a professional to complete. 


  • Shop for supplies upon teacher’s request and submit receipts for supplies to Treasurer for reimbursement. 
  • Claim forms available online.

Substitute Teacher 

  • Fill in for teachers in cases of illness and vacations. 
  • Need to have current first aid certificate. 
  • Need to have a level 2 in ELCC or a Child Development Worker certification. 

Year End Financial Reviewers

  • Review the school’s financial statements for the year.