parent participation at willow park preschool

Parental Involvement in the Preschool

Willow Park Preschool is a parent run cooperative. What this means is that you as a parent play an integral role in the operation and ownership of the preschool.

Families enrolled in our program contribute to the running of the preschool by providing snacks for the entire class on a rotating basis as well as by taking on one of the many duties that help the preschool operate smoothly. Further descriptions of these roles can be found on our preschool duties pages.

Being part of a cooperative has many benefits for both children and parents:

Benefits To Your Child

  • A low student to teacher ratio.
  • Experienced and caring teachers.
  • The opportunities for both structured and unstructured play in each class.
  • A place to develop their sense of competence, self-worth, curiosity, creativity and imagination.
  • Activities that develop their social, language, cognitive, motor, numeracy, and literacy skills in preparation for kindergarten.
  • The opportunity to socialize and develop friendships with other children.
  • Fun!

Benefits To You

  • The opportunity to grow with your child in your community.
  • Lower tuition fees.
  • The potential to develop a support network of friends with the same interests and concerns.
  • A greater understanding of childhood development.
  • A chance to observe your child and their peers in a group setting.
  • A chance to discover new and hidden talents and showcase your abilities.
  • Actively participate in your child's education.