Ms. Holly

Ms. Holly joined the Willow Park Preschool over 15 years ago. She has more than 20 years of experience in early childhood development.

Ms. Holly's strengths are her ability to individualize the learning needs of each child and to arrive at new and innovative ideas to help all the children learn and understand the world around them. With her endless creativity, she continually introduces new games, activities and crafts to keep young minds stimulated. Ms. Holly believes in, and effectively promotes, consideration and respect for all individuals in the classroom.

Parents often comment on Ms. Holly's passion for her work. Ms. Holly conveys this passion through her words and actions. She loves to actively facilitate learning and to watch each child grow and develop. This passion is recreated for her each time a child learns to write his or her name for the first time or overcomes shyness in a social setting.

"I can't emphasize enough how much Holly's efforts are appreciated. Her care, attention and patience create an environment where children gain the confidence necessary to learning new skills and sharing experiences. Thank you!"

"The school has a gold mine in Ms. Holly! She is the perfect blend of someone who is both nurturing and caring as well as firm when necessary. She treats all children with respect..."

"Ms. Holly is always very creative, well-organized and has interesting 'eye-catching' themes which the kids enjoy..."

"Ms. Holly is patient and fair. She is able to give positive attention to all the children and handles negative behavior promptly and effectively."

Miss Michelle

Miss Michelle joined our team in 2010 to teach our newly established afternoon preschool program. Her training and experience in special needs and early childhood education have made her an invaluable asset to our preschool.

Miss Michelle believes that every child is unique and therefore incorporates different learning styles into her classroom to help her students develop a love of and excitement for learning. She brings a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm to the classroom that children really respond to.

For Miss Michelle the greatest joy in teaching comes from helping her students find their voice in life and to use it in a manner that shows respect for themselves, their peers, their family and their community.

“The support of Miss Michelle has been outstanding. She has helped my child try new things as well as grow and learn. She really responds to her."       

“Our daughter absolutely LOVES Miss Michelle. Thank you for providing such a positive, caring environment!”

“I just want to say that our son has thoroughly enjoyed Miss Michelle’s class. He says it is his favourite place to be and asks on a daily basis if it is a preschool day.”

Miss Brandy

Miss Brandy joined our team in 2014 to assist in our afternoon preschool program. Her training and experience in special needs have made her a valuable member of the Willow Park team. 

Miss Brandy is currently working towards her ELCC Diploma and finds the support she receives at Willow Park Preschool to be invaluable. The experience and knowledge she is gaining from both Miss Michelle and Miss Holly will be something she will keep with for her entire Early Childhood Career.
For Miss Brandy, the most rewarding gift is experiencing the tremendous growth a child can have during the school year. Seeing the excitement on a child’s face when they write their name for the first time or learn a new skill makes each day worthwhile. Sometimes it is the first smile on a child’s face when they finally feel comfortable after starting school for the first time. As a mother of two children, Miss Brandy tries to treat each child as she would her own.