morning and afternoon classes at willow park preschool

Program Philosophy

At Willow Park Preschool, we believe learning-based play is a vital part of a child’s development that builds critical skills necessary for their social, intellectual, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, we strive to provide our students with a caring and stimulating environment that allows for purposeful and high quality play experiences with other children.

A general class day includes:

Free Play: students choose from different play activities set up around the classroom, such as water/sand tables, creative arts, games, puzzles, play dough, dress up, building blocks and toys.

Craft Time: during this time, students let their creativity and imagination run wild as they complete a theme related craft. They experiment with different textures, shapes and mediums and develop fine motor skills through use of scissors, glue, pencils, paintbrushes and crayons. With craft time, it is the process of making the item, not the end result that is paramount. 

Circle Time: students review the month, days of the week, count out the date as well as talk about the weather. They also sing songs play music and listen as the teacher reads a theme related story.

Snack Time: provides students with opportunities to practice manners, good hygiene, and conversational skills as well as promotes healthy eating. The parent class helper brings snack for the class.

Gym Time: depending on the weather, students are either outside or upstairs in the gym running, moving and playing active games.

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